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We have over thirty years of experience in the HVAC Industry. Residential or commercial, our goal is to make sure that you're satisfied with both our products and services.

Home applications range from heat pump, air conditioners, gas furnaces and dual fuel systems, as well as a host of other indoor air quality products to ensure that your home is kept comfortable, no matter what the temperature or air quality is on the outside of your home. Our company can also offer suggestions and products that you may not be aware of that can help save you money depending on what existing system/systems you already have in your home.

Maynard's is also licensed for commercial HVAC applications that range from three phase split systems up to twenty-five ton package units that your business may need in a moments notice due to an unexpected failure. Maynard's realizes that these unexpected circumstances can affect your business, and you need people that you can depend on.

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A Comfortable Indoor Climate

The main reason for having a heating and cooling solution installed is to enjoy the comfort of an pleasant climate all year round. That means being warm enough in winter and cool enough in summer without taking temperatures to extremes.

A steady, amicable temperature can be maintained year-round by an effiently working, well maintained HVAC system while not wasting energy and raising your electricity bills, thus saving you money in the long run. That's the major importance of having a company like us in your area with expert service engineers. To keep your system in tip top condition so it always runs efficiently and won't let you down when you need it most! See also: for additional information.

Additional Sections and Articles:

Has your outdoor coil been cleaned in the past year?

A dirty coil can cause excessive energy cost and can be harmful to major components in your Heating and A/C system.

Has your refrigerant charge in your A/C or Heat pump system been checked in the past year?

A low charge in your A/C or Heat pump can cause your system to run longer and more often. This can cost you real dollars in energy cost.

Have your filters been cleaned or replaced?

A standard 1” filter should be replaced every 30 days. A dirty filter can cause airflow restrictions which can damage many components in your system. This will cause your system to run harder and increase your energy costs.

Have you considered replacing your Heating and A/C system?

Here are some facts that you may need to know. As of January 1st 2010, it will no longer be permissible to manufacture systems with the refrigerant R-22. The new refrigerant will be R-410-A which has been proven to be less harmful to the environment. There will only be a short supply of R-22 for servicing or repairing existing equipment. The cost of R-22 has increased almost 4 times more that this time last year.

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